Cute animal videos!

Frog the Rooster has to meet his owner at the bus stop every day

Little pig thinks he is a cat

Cute pig and kitten are best friends

Pet chickens take baths!

Mother hens protecting their chicks

This one made me want a pet goat for a long time!

Blind racoon has cute cat bodyguards

Scared little dog learns how to drink out of water bowl

Baby cows playing

More baby cows you want to snuggle (ignore the cheesy music)

If I don't get a goat I'll have to get a lamb!

Cute little deer thinks he is a dog

One of my favorite videos ever, a beagle takes in abandoned kittens

Cat takes care of baby ducklings

Bouncing little lamb

I hope you enjoyed. Many of these videos are from the

What’s your favorite animal video?
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