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Adventures in Datingland
I sort of fell into this project because realized that I had so many funny dating stories that I just had to write them all down, which turned into a script, which turned into a comic.
While these stories are highly embellished and made for entertainment, they are also supposed to highlight some of the issues in our society like hypocrisy, lack of awareness, self-centeredness and celebrity obsession.
My funny little puppy (she will always be a puppy to me) makes me laugh every day and is truly the best companion anyone could have. Animals bring us a sense of wonder and unconditional love that is increasingly hard to find in our busy world, and I know that my life would be so much less colorful and less full without mine.

My wonderful collaborator Jamie Ludovise helps take the ideas from my head and put them down on paper in such a clever and talented way. She is able to convey exactly what I am thinking better than I could have imagined. You can see more of her work at JamieLudovise.com

Please drop me a note or post on my blog about anything you see on this website or any comments about my book. And most of all thank you for visiting!

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