Adventures in Datingland (hardcover)


Full color lithocase, 108 pages



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as reviewed in the online magazine Pardesi by Ketki Mhabaleshwarkar

Adventuring in Datingland with Preeti Roy

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Question—What do you get when you combine a ferocious fur-baby, 11 disappointing dates, and a healthy dose of relationship cynicism?

Preeti Roy’s new book, Adventures in Datingland, an illustrated insight into the realities of dating as a South Asian woman. We accompany the protagonist Preetybyrd, and her sassy sidekick Lucybear as they navigate online dating, toxic masculinity, fetishization, and just plain awkward dates that make you want to dip. When reading it, it felt as though I was the one sitting opposite the ‘Carnivore’, the ‘too-old Frat guy’, the ‘Masala and Merlot lover’, and all the other awkwardly hilarious men Preetybyrd encounters. This comic book is satire at its wittiest, and an intelligent analysis of what it means to date outside your culture, as an Indian in America.

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