Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Recipe Websites

"Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends." - George Bernard Shaw

A very popular database with thousands of recipes including vegan and vegetarian sections. It also has reviews and helpful hints. You can search by ingredients, including ingredients you don’t want. Very user friendly.
A girl after my own heart who travels, cooks and writes with her dog Cookie. A well-designed website for vegan and vegetarian recipes for advanced and beginner cooks. Great ideas for entertaining and gourmet recipes that would impress any guest.
My significant other was Persian, and this website funded by the Awesome foundation has authentic Persian dishes recreated to be vegan. This is especially impressive since Persian and Middle-eastern food tends to be very meat heavy!
This is a long-running magazine which is now online, and also has great articles on healthy lifestyles.
has many vegetarian recipes from celebrity chefs and videos that you can search.
has a lot of information on switching to a vegetarian diet, as well as and nutrition information and diet plans. It also has a section for diabetic vegetarian diets.

And finally, I did not include Indian recipes because they tend to be more time consuming and require more spices than most people have in their kitchen, but here are some great websites. Indian food is a good way for vegetarians to get protein through lentils and beans.

You can find pretty much any kind of recipe you want on the above websites, but here are some recipes for my personal easy favorites that you can personalize to please any tastes. These can be used even if you have no cooking experience, or if you are more advanced, you can adapt them as you prefer. 

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